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Post Reunion Plan?

Created on: 06/21/16 11:11 AM Views: 1670 Replies: 2
Post Reunion Plan?
Posted Tuesday, June 21, 2016 11:11 AM

The reunion was a big experience for all who attended.   I was impressed by the level of earnestness still evident in the Class of '66.  You just don't walk into a room full of people like us very often in real life!

But now we are all Garnet Sages.  How do we keep in touch and keep the ball rolling?  We want to fully fund the internship endowment for the Chester Children's Chorus, of course.  (Write that check!)

Can we keep the online relationships going?  Can we use this web site?  Would we do better with a Google or Yahoo discussion group (email distribution) scheme?  Wikis?  Other fancy things?

Thanks to Tom's great energy, we've made good use of this site -- well beyond what you might have expected from our ancient (pre-Internet) cohort.  What is our vision for the next step?

Best wishes to all

Martin Ewing

RE: Post Reunion Plan?
Posted Tuesday, June 21, 2016 12:05 PM

Good questions, Marty. And thanks for getting the ball rolling to talk about how to stay in contact and keep up the momentum generated by the reunion.

The class website is going to remain active for the next four years at least, so it can remain one place for us all to remain in touch. I have been a guest member of the comparable website for the Class of 1964, and they have kept posting discussions and forums there. I get a message about it about once a week. But we should explore other ways of communicating as a group if such serve our purposes better.


RE: Post Reunion Plan?
Posted Tuesday, June 21, 2016 05:04 PM

Marty and Tom,

Thanks.  My vote would be for using this class web site as a means for conversations and sharing information, etc.  Thanks, Tom, for setting it up and organizing it.  I think it's served our purposes and stimulated partcipation.

Alex and Barabara, and maybe Tom, any way to find out how close we are to reaching our goal for endowing the Class of 1966 Summer Internship?