Art Gallery

Pat Lykens Hankins is the host for the Art Gallery for visual art (paintings, collage, photographs, YouTube videos, weaving, and photos of sculpture, pottery, and wall hangings. Please contact her at with submissions and suggestions. When sending her photos of your work, please reduce the size of photos to 1 Mb or less. Rural Georgia has slow internet service.

OUR CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS (so far) are John Wehmiller (photographs), Pat Lykens Hankins (ceramix scupture, wall hangins, lamps),  Bill Belanger (drawing, watercolor, and wooden hand-crafted furniture sets), Bruce Cratsley (photographs), Ellen NicKenzie Lawson (mixed media art), Tom Riddell (photographs), Elizabeth Daniel Large (paintings), and Sarah Van Kueren (mixed media). The work can be seen at the following links:

and the work of all eight artists can be seen in the galleries below:

John Wehmiller's Artwork
9 Photos  7/7/17
Pat Hankins' Artwork
6 Photos  6/4/15
Bill Belanger's Artwork
5 Photos  11/3/15
Bruce Cratsley's Photos
4 Photos  7/13/15
Ellen Lawson's Art Work
4 Photos  7/15/15
Tom Riddell's Photos
5 Photos  9/1/15
Elizabeth Large's Artwork
4 Photos  2/29/16
Sarah Van Keuren's Art
3 Photos  11/24/15
Rachel Folsom's Artwork
4 Photos  1/25/16
Joan Foley's Artwork
7 Photos  1/28/16
Fred Rhoades' Photos
4 Photos  3/9/16
20th to 45th Exhibits
32 Photos  9/20/15
7 Photos  4/29/16