Latest News from the CCC

The CCC will be celebrating its 30th anniversary at an event on campus March 9, 2024. Alumni from several classes from the mid-1960's will be present as they have been involved with the CCC in many ways.

John and Paula Wehmiller will be honored at the event for their involvement and support of the CCC over the past 25 years. Come on March 9th to celebrate with them.


"On Sunday, October 17, 2021, the CCC held an outdoor performance at Clothier Field.  The performance was postponed from the night before because of rain, but the Sunday performance was greeted with a nearly full moon.  The lighting and acoustics were spectacular. " Photo and quote by John Wehmiller

Click here to see the Chester Children's Chorus in action in a YouTube video. They sing of hope and love in the face of loss in their community.

Letter from John Alston, September, 2021

Science for Kids

Poster Show and Tell by the participants in the Science for Kids program at Swarthmore, July 2016